Translational Research and Experimental Therapeutics


The objectives of our Research Program are to integrate clinical and laboratory research efforts to improve the management of patients with urologic cancers. The primary objective is to develop, advance, and subsequently offer state-of-the-art treatments to patients with urologic cancers by developing improved therapies and treatment paradigms that incorporate novel anti-cancer agents and technologies as a compliment to conventional surgical therapy. In translational research, discoveries from the laboratory are applied directly to patient care while observations from the clinic are explored at the laboratory bench.


The Translational Research Program is founded on the following philosophical triumvirate:

  • Combining conventional surgical therapies with both standard and experimental adjuvant treatments.
  • Embracing minimally-invasive technologies and expanding their role in patient care.
  • Advocating investigator-initiated clinical trials designed in the true spirit of translational research, in which laboratory discoveries are applied to patient management and observations from the clinic are explored at the bench. Correlative scientific investigation will aid in improved understanding of molecular, genetic, and biochemical pathophysiologic processes of these cancers and in the creation of better management strategies.