Conferences: The Section of Urology has an active didactic teaching program with full participation by all members of the section. The entire section including residents, students and faculty meets for 90 minutes every week. This meeting incorporates Grand Rounds, case conference, morbidity and mortality conference and journal club. The meeting is mandatory for all members of the section and is held jointly with the faculty and residents at North Shore/Evanston Hospital via teleconference.


Resident/fellow conference- This conference is held weekly with lectures provided from faculty in the Section of Urology at the main campus and Evanston North Shore campus as well as faculty from other disciplines including transplant surgery, vascular surgery, pathology, nephrology and others. This meeting is also simulcast to North Shore Evanston Hospital via teleconference.

Campbell’s Conference: This conference is held weekly during which a specific topic in urology that is part of the core curriculum is covered. One resident is assigned to review that week’s topic with support provided by a faculty member from the main campus who has expertise in the subject. This meeting is also simulcast to North Shore/Evanston Hospital so that residents assigned to this location are able to participate.

Urologic Oncology Conference: This multidisciplinary weekly conference involves case discussion of patients with urologic malignancy. Faculty from Urology, Medical and Radiation Oncology, Pathology and Radiology review cases with discussion of management options and treatment.

Urology Research Conference: This weekly conference involves the basic research faculty, staff and residents and includes discussions of ongoing projects, lectures and review of the literature.

Stone Conference: This conference is held monthly and includes faculty from the Sections of Nephrology and Urology. Cases are presented and discussed with a particular focus on the metabolic evaluation and management of patients with nephrolithiasis.