Residency Rotation Locations:

Main campus adult service- As of July, 2015, there are eight full time faculty members on the adult service at the main campus:

Arieh Shalhav- Chief of Urology- areas of clinical focus- prostate and kidney cancer, laparoscopy, robotics
Glenn Gerber- Residency Program Director- areas of clinical focus- endourology, kidney stones, benign prostatic hyperplasia
Gary Steinberg- bladder and kidney cancer
Gregory Zagaja- prostate cancer, robotics
Norm Smith- bladder cancer, robotics
Scott Eggener- testis and kidney cancer, laparoscopy, robotics
Greg Bales- female and male reconstruction, urinary incontinence, prosthetics
Sarah Faris - female and male reconstruction


Main Campus Pediatric Service- Dr. Mohan Gundeti is chief of pediatric urology and has expertise in all areas of pediatric urology with special interest in the use of robotics. Active recruitment is occurring for a second pediatric urologist


North Shore/Evanston Hospital- this off site location is a critical part of the residency training at the University of Chicago section of urology. There are seven active, full time urologists on staff at North Shore who work with the residents. Dr. Michael McGuire is the chief of urology at North Shore and specializes in urologic oncology.


Jessie Brown West Side VA Hospital-residents rotate at the West Side VA Hospital where training is under the direction of Dr. Rooholah Sharifi, who specializes in the treatment of patients with urologic malignancy. There are several other urology faculty members at the VA Hospital who also work with the residents including faculty members from the University of Chicago and Northwestern University.